Tiny Chai Bronze Pendant, 14K Gold Plated

PNGP502 12.1 x 9.5 02.jpg
Tiny Hai Bronze Pendant, 14K Gold Plated

Tiny Chai Bronze Pendant, 14K Gold Plated.

Item cod: PNGP502.
Metal: Bronze, one micron 14K gold plating.
Weight Approx: 2.00 gram

Measures Approx:
0.40 x 0.48inch / 10 x 12mm.
Bail & Hoop addition: 0.32inch / 8mm.

FA Jewelry, Manufacturer Wholesale and design of Sterling Silver Jewelry,
as: Bronze.

The highest quality at first hand price. FA-925Jewelry, Located and operates
from Bangkok Thailand Since 1992

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